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Qualified Schumacher once again

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9:47 am
April 23, 2017



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Qualified Schumacher once again completed his task, he hit a game with a rode of choice, although there is no hits Wade Boggs Jersey, but still the baseball team to get 1 point. Ben war Liu Xianzhen still can not like to repair the game as dominated, almost every Council has been sent or hit hits Noe Ramirez Jersey, but in the case of dangerous circumstances, Liu Xianzhen is always able to escape luckily. Fifth in the second half, when Schumacher hit the game after the third point of the game Pedro Martinez Jersey, Uribe's sacrifice will expand the score to 5: 0. After trading from the Indians to the Reds, the South Korean outfielder autumn and shame due to the location from the past right outfielder into a more difficult to guard the Chinese and foreign combatants, in the defense when there are low-level mistakes, many times the difficulty is not high The flying ball. However, in the attack, this a South Korean star outstanding completion of the first goal of the mission, his base rate, attack index and score ranked first in the league, the number of the number of league ranked second, and hit rate and long play rate The two figures are also ranked in the top ten league. Can be said that his excellent base ability to let the Reds attack the whole live up. The game against the royal pitcher Davis, the second half of the first half, a base of some people Babe Ruth Jersey, no one out, the recent state of the Suzuki Yizhuang a head start, blasted a two-run homer, to help the team to break the deadlock , This is his second season home run. After the Knicks hit the second baseball, the two-pointers of Ovebe expanded the advantage of the Yankees to 4: 0. But the game Yankees starting Hughes are not in the best condition, the second game in the second half, he was Disney hit third homer, the score gap narrowed to 1 point.

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Qualified Schumacher once again

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