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Or Martinez his spring

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9:46 am
April 23, 2017



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Or Martinez, his spring gun to the tiger's leading edge into 6 points. Sixth in the second half, Xue Zeer suffered the only turbulence of the game, he was opponents hit four hits, lost 2 points, the score has become more close to 6: 2. The final Xuesel in the seventh inning to complete a number of exit after the exit, leaving a vote of 6.1 Bureau lost 2 points 8 strikeout of the quality of starting. Tiger's rescue pitcher did not give the Bluebird too many opportunities Jered Weaver Jersey, after the pitch did not let opponents capture the circle, but also help Xue Zeer hold his season's first 13 wins. 13 wins and 0 losses in the season to become the fifth of the ball to achieve this milestone in the pitcher, before him is the 1986 season 14 wins and 0 losses of Roger Clemens, and the big league The record is from 1937 Allen and 1969 McNally together to keep the season 15 wins and 0 losses. The next start Tyler Skaggs Jersey, Xue Zeer is expected to be on Monday to face the strength of the Cleveland Indians. While the sailors are also in the sixth inning by a sacrifice to play the equalizer. The second half of the second half, Ibnangzi's two-point guns to the rock Kuma long time to win the opportunity to win, but the second half of the second half, with the number of balls is not high he was sent to play. In the face of the first hit, bitter Bell Cui, Yan Kuang Jiuzhi was hit by a home run, the score into a 3: 2, sailors are still leading. In the Pinsky hit hits, Berkman made after the transfer, the rock Kuma for a long time only after the vote in the 88 ball was replaced, although the second base of the runner is still the rock Kuma Ji Zhi's duty, but because of his exit When the score is still leading, he was the winner of the vote. But the new section of the whole star up to repair than in the face of today's low travel astronauts encounter Waterloo, he cast 6 Board out 5 points, the team also 5: 9 lost to the opponent. Another focus on the duel, Tampa Bay light of the left-hander although the unexpected defeat of the All-Star Game, but in the white socks with the All-Star left Shore's confrontation Danny Espinosa Jersey, he 6 Huston Street Jersey.1 points without losing points Vote 7 Board lost 3 points opponents, grab wins wins vote.

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Or Martinez his spring

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