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Beginners guide to Army Service Dress Uniforms

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December 3, 2017



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Dress uniform is the most formal form of military dressing. They are worn during special ceremonies, receptions etc. This is the military version of dress code for any white tie affairs.

Depending on the regiment and the country, the dress colors and accessories vary. The Army Service Uniform (ASU) is the Dress uniform worn by the US Military. The uniforms can often be brightly colored with adornment of ornaments.

Main Dress

The main components of the ASU are A coat of army blue with shade 450, trousers of army blue, shade 451, consisting of a low waist and belt loops for men and slack low waist trousers for women. Additionally, the women have the option of a skirt.


Belt, buckles, black colored combat boots, berets, color can be changed on the basis of the class. The black bow ties and blue capes, cufflinks, studs in gold with leather gloves is perfect accessories for men.. The white dress gloves, all-weather coats in black, Drill Sergent cap (for class A and B uniforms), white shirts, black shoes and socks Service aiguillette (only for officers only), Combat service identification badge (CSIB) that is worn on the right breast pocket for men and parallet to waist line in women etc.,

Decorations and ribbons

Here are a few distinctions that denote what the soldier earn as a part of their service to the country

Star lapel pin in gold, the insignia for rank, regiment and headgear, Nameplates, bars for overseas service, badges to identify the marksmanship and combat skill level. Officers of old guard wear gold braids sewn onto the trouser leg. These braids are authorized only for active army personnel. Epaulettes were a part of the military dress in the late 1800s and were discontinued afterward.

The military dress can be further expanded to include a huge number of other things, while these mentioned articles of clothing only scratch the surface.

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Beginners guide to Army Service Dress Uniforms

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