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Aqua data studio download

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4:49 am
January 13, 2018



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Aside from your above, there're a lot more features ready to always be discovered in Aqua Data Studio. It's a scalable database management tool price hoping for dealing with major data sets.
The IDE features debugging capabilities and facilitates you to conveniently import and export data using the dedicated wizards which will instruction you all over the overall process. The ER diagram generator allows for you to get hold of a graphical representation of your database structure, while the built-in query builder allows you produce and execute queries and look at effects displayed as 2D or 3D charts.
The application's feature set is completed from the integrated database administration tools, which enable you to deal with occasions, connections, periods or storage potential, in the process as produce server statistical reports.
The integrated schema script generator helps you in creating SQL scripts. The editor features syntax highlighting, line numbering, auto-complete functionality and tips, all meant to substantially simplicity your work.
Aqua Data Studio displays data in a structured manner, enabling you to definitely create new tables or effectively modify present kinds. You can change or create indexes, users, permissions and strategies, too as edit the data definition language of a database object.
The primary advantage of Aqua Data Studio is the fact that it does not limit the number of servers you can connect to, which implies that you can work with multiple databases simultaneously. Servers and database schemas are displayed in tree-view, for better navigation and recognizing of the framework.
Aqua data studio download implements a reliable database administration system that can be utilized for browsing database contents and running SQL scripts. It provides aid for multiple types of relational databases, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, Apache Cassandra, Derby and Hive, Informix, MongoDB, and more.

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Aqua data studio download

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