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Lukaku is a Belgian player

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6:57 am
July 16, 2017



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Lukaku is a Belgian player, the center of the staff, he had played Anderlecht, then joined in 2011, Chelsea, was once considered a natural successor Drogba. But at Stamford Bridge, he did not get attention, once only rented by West Bromwich Albion and Everton. In July 2014, Lukaku joined Everton, the transfer fee reached 28 million pounds, the past two seasons, Lukaku in the Premier League goals were 18 and 25, doing well.
This summer's transfer market, Manchester United's main task is to find a successor of Ibrahimovic, Mourinho is the beginning of the pursuit of Mora Tata, but Real Madrid's price reached 90 million euros, which makes Manchester United difficult And this week, Manchester United was involved in the transfer of Lukaku, but the two sides of the negotiations progressing smoothly. According to the British media, Lukaku's transfer fee will reach 75 million pounds, he will temporarily become the transfer window this summer Chris Chelios Jersey, the king, we can see, Manchester United to sign Lukaku is also a big deal. Sky Sports pointed out that Lukaku's transfer contract will have floating terms Andrew Desjardins Jersey, his transfer fee will be up to 90 million pounds. But in any case, he has become Manchester United history of the second highest player, second only to last summer to join the Bogba.
Ferguson was injured on the grounds of snowy Rooney Marian Hossa Jersey, but was Rooney "I never hurt" openly overturned. The next is October 19, Ferguson in the Champions League conference before the choking so that Rooney firmly asked to leave the team. A day later, Wayne Rooney publicly announced the departure statement, and when it comes to the reasons for leaving the team, he said that because he did not see the championship hope in Manchester United, he needs is a more ambitious team Michael Jordan Jersey. Chinese magic honey satirical as "Luxiong heart".

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