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Chelsea after the failure to buy Lukaku

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6:58 am
July 16, 2017



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Chelsea after the failure to buy Lukaku, has been the focus of the signings on Real Madrid striker Mora's body Anton Forsberg Jersey, and news that Real Madrid is also selling to the Chelsea Mora tower. From the media reports, Chelsea signed Mora may not be small. But according to the British media, "Daily Express" message, Manchester United may be completed in the summer of Chelsea cut Hu even kill, Mourinho is still eager to introduce a center, and Mora Tata has once again become a bird of the young people cited The
After the opening of the summer window in the summer, Chelsea's introduction to Monaco's backpack Bakayoko, and the news sent to Manchester United, but after the Red Devils cut Hu Luka library, Chelsea executives refused to send Matic Red Devils, and Manchester United is given their own fight back, the Red Devils directly with Chelsea's favorite player Bakayoko were contacted Markus Nutivaara Jersey, and brewing from the hands of the Blues cut the second.
In addition, Everton bought more than the strength of the star, to 91.9 million pounds of spending in second place. Manchester City in the summer window soon after the quickly won the Bernardo – Silva and Edson Michael Paliotta Jersey, the two total worth of 78.3 million pounds, Manchester City cited the cost of third. Arsenal and Liverpool, respectively, to 45 million pounds and 35 million pounds to buy the Lacaze and Salah, the two teams spent the total in the Premier League ranked fourth and sixth Cam Atkinson Jersey.

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