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And can return to the mother

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6:58 am
July 16, 2017



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And can return to the mother, Rooney's own concessions and position also played a significant role, Manchester United captain in the dream theater holding a high weekly salary, for Everton this is difficult to bear, before the agreement, Rooney Volunteer pay 50%, to ensure that Everton's salary system can afford their own pay, which eventually paved the way for his return.
Ken Wright himself in addition to the team also operates an opera house, dealing with the arts also let him more than some emotional thoughts Blake Comeau Jersey, when 18-year-old Rooney from the toffee dream theater, Ken Wright is very uncomfortable, and under Determined to think of a day to chubby back to the mother team. Recently Lukaku with Manchester United closer and closer, Rooney return to the window also will be opened, although the surface of the two transfer and there is no direct correlation.
Rooney also said Everton Chairman Kent Wright and coach Coleman played an important role in his return: "Coman has a very positive impact in my return, when I left Manchester United this summer to become an obvious thing Keman came out several times Adam Clendening Jersey, hoping to bring me back to Everton Jeff Zatkoff Jersey, when I talk to him, I can see from his eyes his hope for me.I have had many choices, But when I know Everton wants me Nick Bonino Jersey, then I do not need to think about anything, choose only this one.

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