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TANK007 flashlight Uses

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7:27 am
April 12, 2017


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According to the LED environment and use the flashlight types, it has the function of lighting, intimidation, alarm and self-defense pressure.
Design: headlamp is a lamp design worn on the head, high brightness lamp worn on the safety helmet has been used for decades of miners. Some flashlight is designed to guns, to aim at the target.
High quality flashlight using special batteries, they can adjust the brightness, have waterproof function, and can adjust the focal length, but usually more expensive.

Most of the flashlight is designed to be cylindrical, but early explosion-proof flashlight from Tank007 flashlight manufacturer is often designed into a variety of styles, some look like early lanterns, some like candles, is expected in the future there will be more interesting patterns appear.

Note: light flashlight attention to water. Because it belongs to electronic products, there is a piece of circuit board flashlight front, once the water is easy to short circuit damage.
Flashlight head number is moderate. Household general not more than 12, the use of the battery in the 2 ~ 3 section is good, and then a little big waves, for other special needs can be determined according to their needs.

Explosion-proof yellow light flashlight torch bulb condenser surface to concentrate. The electric torch can be adjusted as the focal length, the purchase should pay attention to do not have astigmatism phenomenon.
Flashlight welding to prison. Each diode is connected by welding on the circuit board, if the weld contact is not good, it may cause the bulb does not light or affect the whole service.

Flashlight power switch contact is obviously. The flashlight with rotary switch, tighten the loosen to open, then closed, if the contact is not obvious, it is easy to cause light and extinguish phenomenon.

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TANK007 flashlight Uses

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